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Space Seed concept video(watch on computer for better resolution)



Space Seed is an ideological experimentation of a digital afterlife management system for future planetary inhabitants. It's using speculative design to investigate and reverse engineer the Panspermia theory.

This sophisticated apparatus will engineer our digital life data into special bacteria or extremophiles in which our digital afterlife, our wishes for the next life and our biological identity are encoded.

A capsule will protect these bacteria and follow its deep space journey towards a target planet.

Space Seed conserves the memory of each individual of our technological civilization and provides a record for any future inhabitants or visitors to understand the Planet Earth and its ancient civilizations. It is just like a message in a bottle thrown into the ocean: Space Seed is an open message for the visitor of the future.

The new circle of Panspermia has finished its reverse engineering process and is patiently waiting for our future planetary descendants to discover its origin.

This project is intended to immerse the audience into the world of speculative questioning and to challenge the definition of life, its origin, its present, and future.


Extremophiles(tardigrade), mini-biosphere(acrylic glass container), aluminium shell, LED, electronic components include various sensors, Geared motors, worm gears, Arduino, screws, airplane cable, polyimide film, 

Dimensions: 150mm diameters, 550mm height.


Project started in 2014 July.  




Selected Exhibitions

2017 Design Society and V&A Museum, Shenzhen

2017 Milan Image Fair, Milan

2016 Flux Laboratory, Geneva

2016 Flux Laboratory, Zurich


Selected Awards

Fonds cantonal d'art contemporain(FCAC) 2014

Research & Making process short Documentary

(watch on computer for better resolution)

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