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Cloud Drinker / Fog Breather / Sun Sink

Nature Hunter is a set of new objects that allow an amplified or reconfigured experience of nature. There serve as new physical or sensorial interfaces with nature that facilitate new and poetic interactions of nature as an experience that is formalized through these objects forces.


The project narrative is set within a community of amateur enthusiasts dedicated to the reclamation of nature as an experience.

The motivation of this fictional community stands in opposition of the world increasing disconnection from the physical environment due our increasing reliance on technological appendages to mediate multiple channels of digital connectivity.

The reconfiguring focus on the non-digital physical environment. In a wider context the project comments on our increasing reliance on screen based technologies that can be argued as creating a detachment from the physical environment. It draws comparisons with existing activities such as fishing or bird watching, which can be argued as non-efficient in a culture where time efficiency is a principle currency. There past time are not perhaps the most efficient delivery systems of fish or bird sighting but the create a direct physical interaction and reconnection with nature. 

Cloud Drinker

Fog Breather

Sun Sink

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