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Nature and Its Deities
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Nature and Its Deities,  a hand drew art series which contains many majestic creatures, extinct species and mythology figures from ancient human civilization. 

Nature, a sophisticated and complex system that exists within us, around us, above us. From the macro to micro, from cosmos to particles, from formation to functions, it displays incredible ingenuities in all its forms and scales. It moves like fractal division into multiple dimensions in space and time, in the past, present, and future, emerges as a diversity of ecosphere on planet Earth. It plays the game of life with mathematical and geometrical algorithms, interacts and communicates tirelessly with all elements, generates miraculous phenomenons and emergent properties in every corner it passes. Many hidden exquisites and creativities in nature are waiting to be discovered, each passenger of nature left their mysterious remains for later comers to ponder on.

Humans create anthropocentric Gods which mirror their own shape, with many narratives to interpret the origin of their society, formulate stories to explain the power which supports our secular life. We enjoy the natural environment on this planet that provides us with air, water, petroleum, atmosphere, gravity, food, exciting exotic flora, and fauna in different continents. But we had been long ignoring the sublime facts that, these are exactly the most basic, fundamental elements in nature which is critical for life and the support and survival of our species. Under the Homosapien domination, in every ecosystem, nature tries hard to maintain the balance between human exploitation, self-regeneration, and recovery.

Nature and Its Deities present you with a series of illustrations inspired by nature, hand-drawn with ink with multiple artistic effects. It illustrates many unique extinct animals and existing ones along with their natural habitats and imaginary landscapes as backgrounds. This is a glance at the most exquisite and intelligent evolving algorithm from these patterns.

Nature Hunter
Figure Code
Hybrid Metamorphosis
Interaction & Speculative design workshops

Inclusive Design workshop

Royal College of Art -Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design

HERE is an art installation that magnifies the significance of emotional connectedness and consciousness of human being by illuminates its structure in extreme desert environment/ HERE is a sensitive and critical filter which only interact and illuminate when visitors passing through as a pure living “organism” without modern technology and electronic devices disturbed.

It amplifies the universal love and interconnectedness between human beings as few of the most important component in human existence, these precious biological capacities which embedded inside our built but we ignored in the modern life. 


HERE magnify these components with a poetic and reflective lens, it is a novel approach to the preconceived notion of what connectedness is - HERE prioritizes human to human connection.


HERE is designed and has been installed and exposed in Black Rock City during the Burning Man 2018. It is initiated and designed in Berkley, manufactured and welded in San Francisco warehouse, organized, transported and installed during dust storms in the desert. The whole process of making in extreme environment condition and collaborative works as a state of the art that expand its uniqueness for the whole project and it’s meaning. 

Create new death experience for the end of the world. Costume and set Design for

radioactive liquids testing. Menu a choix. 


Workshop Créatures Merveilleuses.  

Illustration & 3D impressing. Directed by Florence Doléac et Andreas Gysin, ECAL 

CERN The port Hackathon:

Erghonomic Protection for People Suffering from UV-ultrasensitivity. CERN, Geneva. Switzerland

Le principe de ce jeu est de coller divers QR codes sur des bâtiments répartis dans un quartier de la ville. Un QR code équivaut à un bâtiment qui vaut lui même un nombre précis de pixels dans le jeu. L'importance du bâtiment définis le nombre de pixels obtenus. 

Deux équipes s affrontent, une fois les pixels obtenus, l'équipe noir attaque l'équipe blanche avec ses pixels, et vice versa. Lorsque ses munitions sont épuisées l'équipe doit retourner dans la rue et collecter un QR code pour alimenter son stock de munitions. Le fait de sortir dans la rue pour obtenir des munitions établit le lien entre le monde virtuelle et le monde réel.

Une fois la partie finie(  les équipes ont totalement recouvert la carte de pixels blancs et noirs) se forme un nouveau le QR code.

Visual Art & Illustration

Geneve Airport Flight Information Display System

Geneva airport is very international, but its size and spatial design are not performing at a level suited to for its international and dynamic meaning. The concept of this proposal for Geneva Airport is bringan interactive and informative station to the passengers who are waiting for their flights. It encourages the passengers to discover the various airlines and ongoing traffic dynamic in this airport, and illuminates also the architectural construction of the surrounding environment. 

This platform also could be downloaded as an app and displayed in the iPhone and iPad, or any touch screen device . It would bring deep knowledge and entertainment to the passenger, also add dynamism and comfort to this environment. 

This proposal was conceived during a collaborative workshop lead by French designer Matali Crasset and architect Antoinette Scheidegger with students in Media Design and Espace communication. As I’m in the Media Design group, 

Interactive media proposal.   

The Mimosa Clock synchronize your biological rhythm with nature and allows you to wake up by virtue of nature’s magic power.

Mimosa Pudica open its leaves in the morning, following the daylight, and those leaves close when the evening arrives.

This clock uses mimosa pudica as a key element, employing sensitive electronic devices and programs to detect the open-close behavior of this plant, an thereby ring the sound in the morning to wake you up, it is a “ natural alarm”.


La logique dans notre cerveau, tout comme le métro dans la ville, se cache sous la surface de la terre, esttissé de réseaux comme le sys- tème nerveux, régit les changement d’état et contrôle le comportement de l’Homme. L’artère de la ville et le corps créent ensemble un sens poé- tique qui nous permet deremplacer le mot par l’image.


Parfois, les flux internes du cer- veaux ont recours à beaucoup de signaux, comme   lorsque nous conduisons sur de grands réseaux routiers. Ceux-ci sont ponctués d’une multitude de signes différents que nous sui- vons par expérience ou par ha- bitude. Ils nous aide à prendre des décisions face à un carre- four, à l’image des choix que nous faisons dans nos propre existence.

Si l’intelligence visible est comme une île volcanique, alors la véritable source d’énergie serait à l’image 

d’un volcan en éruption, comme un pouvoir se manifestant de luimême tel le big bang originel. L’intelligence est à l’image d’une île: si nous perdons contact avec le monde qui nous entoure, notre cerveau perd son potentiel.


Nous regardons cette planète constellée de points lumineux dans la nuit, on traverse tout l’univers à la recherche de preuve d’une autre vie humaine dans l’immensité de l’espace. Nous avons trouvé celle- ci qui possède la forme de notre cerveau. Quand le jourse lève, nous décou- vrons notre planète sous un nouveau jour.

Here is a collection of Screen-printing and drawing about endangered species. They are composed of many animals that may disappear or that already disappeared from our world. 

There are also some elements coming from my own inspiration. This collection <I support non-human rights> aim to wake up the public consciousness about biodiversity and the protection of our beloved planet. It is a call for the need to find a balance that respects other living beings’ right to exist.

I use three or four geometric elements to build 7 images

( 42 × 29 ) of insects, the goal is to experiment and study the visual biomimicry.

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